A Woman Scorned

Cynthia Shackleford a sixty year old spurned wife, sued her husband’s mistress for almost 9 million, for ruining her  33 year marriage. She evoked a draconian law on the basis that the mistress had “deliberately seduced”  and stole her husband.

Ms Shackelford told the ABC Good Morning America programme.

“My main message is to all those women out there who might have their eyes on some guy that is married . . . as long as a couple are living together as man and wife, same house, same bedroom, same bed: lay off.”

Well it could only happen in the US. What I want to know is whether the husband was chloroformed, handcuffed and dragged kicking and screaming to his lovers arm.

This kind of approach gives the impression that the husband is powerless or a toddler – Aww diddums.

Let’s get real, as the husband says, the marriage was over before he met the other woman (Ms Lundquist).

Not that I’m condoning what he has done but puh – lease – Stolen! He probably jumped into her arms like an over excited puppy. You can only be stolen if you want to be, subject to being held at gun-point of course.

Imagine such a law in the UK – The courts would be flooded and the Kiss and Tell ladies would be redundant. The area surrounding the courts will be so heavy with women, that one would be forgiven for thinking there is some kind of feminist movement going on.

Ms Shackleford looks victorious in the above picture but I wonder if anyone has told her , Ms Lundquist thought the court order was hysterical since she has hardly any cash, and is wondering where the 9 million will come from.

Article: http://bit.ly/cIoUY1

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