Porn Director For Parliament?

Anna Arrowsmith aka Anna Span and Managing Director of adult entertainment firm Easy on the Eye Productions believes that women are under – represented in  Parliament, and has put herself forward for a parliament seat in Kent armed with an MA in Philosophy.

Party leader Nick Clegg said although her job was not “his cup of tea”, she cared passionately about her area.

Wonder if it’s more “his cold cans of beer” nudge, nudge, wink ,wink. Only kiddin Nick.

I watched a documentary on Anna Span a few years back. I recall her saying  she might one day be a participant in one of her films – I wonder if she followed up on that assertion and decided it wasn’t her “cup of tea”  and opted for politics instead.

That being said, some may view Anna’s move from Adult into the Political Arena as a mere side career step; since politicians like adult stars, are said to  f*@#  people for a living.

Hmm the expenses scandal springs to my fevered mind.


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