Cheryl Cole Satire

This is one funny video. Lyrics are to a tee.

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XFactor Mania

As the title says, it’s xfactor mania over in the UK. Admittedly, am too old in the tooth to be part of it, but I am excited over one of the singers – Rebecca Ferguson.

This Liverpudlian girl has one of the most unique voices I have ever heard, about time there was a unique talent on one of these shows. I am sick to the teeth of hearing the same old voices.

On last night’s show she dueted with Christine Aguilera – ill-matched in my opinion, their voices did not compliment each other until the last note.

Tonight is the deciding final. Who will be the winner?

Irrespective of whether Rebecca wins or not, she will be snapped up in a heartbeat by a record company with a bit of sense, in my arrogant opinion.

Here’s the lovely lady singing a Nina Simone followed by a dance favourite.

Go Girrrl. Am rooting for you.

Beautiful and talented, some girls have all the luck. Mwah.

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