Britains Rudest Places

A railway underpass known as “Tickle Cock” had been a source of embarrassment for the West Yorkshire council, when it became part of a regeneration scheme to be filmed as part of a Channel 4 series.

To hide their blushes, the name was changed and a plaque bearing the name of  Tittle Cott bridge was quickly erected (excuse the pun).

This was ill received by the locals; in particular the courting couples (oo er) of Castleford, West Yorkshire. Rightly so, they won their battle to have the name reinstated.

Whilst we are on the topic let’s have a wee look at ten of the rudest place names.

Cocks, Cornwall

Bell End, Worcestershire, England

Back Passage, City of London,  an alleyway in the EC1 postal

Slag Lane, Merseyside, a residential street in Haydock, England

Fanny Avenue, Derbyshire, England

Spanker Lane, Nether Heage, Derbyshire

Cocknmouth Close, West End, Surrey

Crotch Crescent, Marston, Oxford, England.

Sandy Balls, a long-established holiday centre in  New  Forest,    Hampshire, England with a name dating back to Henry VIII

Shitterton, Dorset, England

You will find more to satisfy your school humour here Enjoy.

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