Face Value

Am at an age like a lot of  women where am noticing every little wrinkle or line on my face and moaning about it every five minutes,  having it hammered home (by my obsessed mind) that am not getting any younger  . . . as the irritating saying goes.

However, after seeing this story it puts things into perspective, and I can tell you now,  I won’t be too hard on myself as I now appreciate that things could be worse . . .  much worse .

The lady above is 23 year old Nguyen Thi Phuong, a Vietnamese woman who has aged about 50 years in a matter of days due to some mystery illness. Her face and body is a vessel of saggy skin.

Apparently this condition was triggered by an allergic reaction to seafood. I really feel for her,  and so glad her husband has remained by her side. It has been said she has a condition known as lipodystrophy and unfortunately there is no cure. I wish her the best and hope there is something that can be done in the future.

Article: Here

On the other side of the counter we have the Korean woman Hang Mioku, so addicted to plastic surgery that after running out of money decided to inject cooking oil into her face with dire consequences. I know what you’re thinking . . . cooking oil!!!

She found a doctor who supplied her with silicone to self inject – sad but true. After she ran out of funds she turned to cooking oil as a desperate measure.

I really do believe some of these individuals who persistently seek cosmetic surgery need psychotherapy, for some, it spirals out of control and becomes obsessive. Perhaps not too much of a problem for those with the $$$ but dangerous for those without as the above illustrates.

Hang Mioku went from this . . .

to this . . .

After seeing the error of her ways, Hang would simply like her old face back.

Moral of this story . . .  the grass isn’t always greener  . . .

Article: Here


Unlikely But Medically Proven Diet Tips

Well, I intend to try a few of these 15 medically proven diet tips – nothing to lose. A svelte GroovyChick en route – watch this space. Likey, likey the red wine tip.

1.    People who have acupuncture once a week lose an extra 4.5 kg (10 lb) in three months. Applying needles at pressure points is thought to trigger electrical pulses that suppress appetite.

2.    Sprinkle cinnamon into a yoghurt each day to burn fat. The spice is a powerful metabolism-raiser. Half a teaspoon a day is enough to burn an extra kilo a month.

3.    A glass of carrot juice a day will help you lose 4lb over 12 weeks compared with non-juice drinkers. It’s high in fibre and nutrients that help burn blubber.

4.  Take a calcium supplement. You’ll lose 2.6 per cent more fat than those who           don’t.

5.    Red meat can help you lose weight. It packs a lot of the proteins that help you maintain muscle mass – and muscle burns four times as many calories as fat.

6.     Drizzle on some soy sauce to shed the pounds. Research shows soy proteins interact with receptors in our brains that tell us we’re full.

7.    A daily glass of red wine can stop you putting on fat, especially around your belly. Resveratrol from the grapes inhibits the development of fat cells around your waist.

8.    Eat pomegranates. Their seed oil reduces the body’s abilities to store fat, and they’re so sweet they’ll curb your desire for sugary snacks.

9.    Sip green tea. It contains a compound that reacts with caffeine to boost fat oxidation and resting metabolism by 20 per cent.

10.  Eat chilli con carne once a week. An enzyme in kidney beans tells the body to break down stored fat instead of carbohydrates for energy, while mince boosts your metabolism.

11.  Choose spinach ahead of other greens. It packs double the fibre, which helps the body process fats more efficiently.

12.  Swap your regular cheese for goat’s cheese. It’s 40 per cent lower in calories than cheese made from cow’s milk.

13.  Eat pineapple. It’s not only a great snack to spark your metabolism, it contains bromolina which helps break down protein.

14.  Add paprika to meals. Its ground red peppers contain six times the vitamin C of tomatoes, crucial for helping your body to turn fat into energy.

15.  Take conjugated linoleic acid capsules every day. These acids, which are found in red meat and dairy products, help to slow the growth of fat cells, so you will lose 9 per cent more fat over the course of a year.

35 more here http://bit.ly/cbO4JE

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Oink Oink – It’s Only a Matter of Time

Well we’ve had swine flu!  Apparently scientists have confirmed we are a step closer to using pigs lungs in human transplants. I think it will only be a matter of time before we are oinking all over the place and looking like old Brucie below. Great breakthrough though.  http://bit.ly/bZ1Exl

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Hate Dieting And Want To Rebel?

Bacon, fried eggs and bacon in a donut bap Photo: Courant Photo by Stephen Dunn

A collection of the world’s fattiest recipes have been collated  and posted on a website for hard-core fast-foodies – dubbed as “fast food porn”  The recipes include chocolate-covered bacon maple doughnut bar and a pint mug fashioned out of greasy fried bacon and filled with beer. Ugh my stomach is churning.

Not to mention a 15lb Porkgasm – pork belly stuffed with bacon, sausage and minced pork, swathed in more rashers, and the whole lot formed into the shape of a pig. There goes my stomach again.

Its US inventor, who made the meal for a dinner party, said: “My guests were all total gluttons”  No kiddin Sherlock .

“Most of us ended up with nightmares and stomach aches” he went on.

Well that’s porn for you. I looked at the site http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/ and to be honest the images turned my stomach. I do love my food, but the foods featured on the site are gluttonous to the nth degree.

“The site showcases a selection of deep fried sickly meals with enough calories to sustain the average person for a week”. 

I wonder if any of the people who indulge are those very individuals who scratch their head in puzzlement as to why they are so overweight  “… as I only eat one meal a day” Er and that meal is . . .

Article http://bit.ly/cugCbc

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Millions Of People Wasting Their Time By Jogging

Apparently aerobic exercise can be a waste of time for some. The health benefits promised by jogging are determined by our genes according to an international study led by scientists at the University of London.

Yeah I could have told you that and I’m no scientist.  There are going to be some p*d off joggers  http://bit.ly/cSzc8R

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The Battle

The most enduring Battle of Britain                Me v Flab 1707 –     I can’t stop craving chocolate – and of course indulging in my cravings.

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Me Versus Flab

The most enduring  battle of britain … Me V Flab…   The other day I polished off a pack of six St Pierre Chocolate Chip Chinois bought from my favourite supermarket. A few hours later I was in an Indian takeaway. Gluttony to the nth degree. No need to ask how my diet is going then.  Pleased to report – back on it since yesterday. It’s a long hard slog and no doubt will end in tears as I struggle to ignore the blueberry muffins calling out to me . . . buy me, buy me . . . you know you want to.

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