Naughty Vernon’s Apology

The once squeaky clean Vernon Kay had recently been caught out, sending saucy texts to a string of women – see my post “Naughty Naughty Vernon”  Before presenting his Radio 1 show, he made the following apology;

“Now this week you may or may not be aware that because of some stupid and foolish decisions I’ve made I’ve disappointed and let down a lot of people. To my family and everybody I’m very sorry. Right, let’s crack on!”

What a heartfelt apology.  Now if I was his wife listening to that so-called apology, his clothes would be in a black bin bag, quicker than he could send a text. Ooo but I do I love a bit of scandal.

I wonder if one of the big mobile company’s will sign him up to advertise their “text messaging” packages.

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