Spectacular Chinese Swan Lake Ballet

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Homeless Man Amazing Voice

Listen to his voice  . . .  enough said.

I nearly shed a tear.

The Makeover

Apparently, Ted Williams has been snapped up by a radio station. Rightly so!!

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XFactor Mania

As the title says, it’s xfactor mania over in the UK. Admittedly, am too old in the tooth to be part of it, but I am excited over one of the singers – Rebecca Ferguson.

This Liverpudlian girl has one of the most unique voices I have ever heard, about time there was a unique talent on one of these shows. I am sick to the teeth of hearing the same old voices.

On last night’s show she dueted with Christine Aguilera – ill-matched in my opinion, their voices did not compliment each other until the last note.

Tonight is the deciding final. Who will be the winner?

Irrespective of whether Rebecca wins or not, she will be snapped up in a heartbeat by a record company with a bit of sense, in my arrogant opinion.

Here’s the lovely lady singing a Nina Simone followed by a dance favourite.

Go Girrrl. Am rooting for you.

Beautiful and talented, some girls have all the luck. Mwah.

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I’ve had a bit of a sabbatical in respect of blogging. Started a new job and they have me running round like a lunatic – mentally. I will be back in due course posting my usual nonsense. Be a little patient guys and dolls.

In the words of Arnie Schwarzenegger – I’ll be back!

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Beautiful Women – Bad For Your Health?

Yes! It is official, beautiful women are bad for your health.

According to a study carried out on men by the University of Valencia – being in a room with a beautiful woman can raise the stress hormone cortisol – the hormone linked to heart disease.

This is exacerbated if a man believes the woman is out of his league.

Take heed Mr Pitt and Mr Clooney . . . you know where to find me.

Article:   http://bit.ly/bcVLRa

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Sick Prank

See the video link below, for the sick prank one husband played on his wife.

I don’t know about grounds for divorce, I would say grounds for the husband to be sectioned under the US equivalent of the UK’s Mental Health Act.


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Cupcakes For The Alpha Male

After losing his job on Wall Street, and finding little success securing another one, former lawyer David Arrick has gone into business creating the masculine cupcake. None of the frilly pink frosted efforts for David.

His Butch Bakery is  getting orders worldwide for his booze infused little wonders.

Here are three of the mouth-watering delights on offer;

(i) Kahlua soaked vanilla madagascar cake with Baileys bavarian filling

(ii) Beer infused buttercream  topped with crushed pretzels

(iii) Cinnamon spice cake with a dulce de leche filling

I don’t know about them appealing to men, women will be salivating too. I’ve never been a frilly pink cupcake fan anyway,  so these sound divine. Mmm a cake with a kick. She licks her lips  . . . several times.

I think the idea is genius, I can also see the high-powered business woman munching on a few of these in between meetings.

It won’t be long before “going for a cupcake” will be the new “going for a pint.”


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Winners of Britains Got Talent – 2010

Well, the spectacular SPELLBOUND, have won the coveted honour to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Show.

I was a little disappointed my favourites, Twist and Pulse didn’t win, but they came second, and as Simon Cowell said, they will make a fortune in advertisements and video’s.

Some of the over forty’s may see Twist & Pulse no different than other dancers but I disagree, along with the general public. I spotted their distinctive style, when I featured them last week.  I am too over forty, but a more with-it forty something, I may add.

Spellbound’s performance at last night’s final.

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Britains Got Talent Final 2010

I am looking forward to the final this evening. I fancy Twist and Pulse, two dancers injecting a little humour into their moves. I featured these last week, as something new for the future.

This charismatic, funny duo,  will do well, even if they fail the finals. They have the personality.

The intricacy of their moves are impressive, as the judges recognised, they are by far the technically best dancers this year.

I find them charming and keeping my fingers crossed for them.

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Britains Got Talent 2010 Little Drummer Boy

The very talented,  13 years old, Kieran Gaffney, giving it his all on the drums.

Reminds me of a funny comment I heard.

Someone asked whether Ringo Starr was one of the best drummers in the world.

Response: He is not even, one of the best drummers in the Beatles. Tickled me.

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