Hate Dieting And Want To Rebel?

Bacon, fried eggs and bacon in a donut bap Photo: Courant Photo by Stephen Dunn

A collection of the world’s fattiest recipes have been collated  and posted on a website for hard-core fast-foodies – dubbed as “fast food porn”  The recipes include chocolate-covered bacon maple doughnut bar and a pint mug fashioned out of greasy fried bacon and filled with beer. Ugh my stomach is churning.

Not to mention a 15lb Porkgasm – pork belly stuffed with bacon, sausage and minced pork, swathed in more rashers, and the whole lot formed into the shape of a pig. There goes my stomach again.

Its US inventor, who made the meal for a dinner party, said: “My guests were all total gluttons”  No kiddin Sherlock .

“Most of us ended up with nightmares and stomach aches” he went on.

Well that’s porn for you. I looked at the site http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/ and to be honest the images turned my stomach. I do love my food, but the foods featured on the site are gluttonous to the nth degree.

“The site showcases a selection of deep fried sickly meals with enough calories to sustain the average person for a week”. 

I wonder if any of the people who indulge are those very individuals who scratch their head in puzzlement as to why they are so overweight  “… as I only eat one meal a day” Er and that meal is . . .

Article http://bit.ly/cugCbc

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