Breastfeeding Claims Quashed

Cute Mother & Baby

A research funded by the Food Standards Agency (FSA)  found that breastfeeding does not make a child more intelligent as once claimed. They found that breast-fed children tended to be smarter, but this was only because their mothers were.  Apparently, intelligent women were more likely to breast feed.  Eh! What a load of . . . There are countries were mothers have had very little or no access to education and their first port of call would be to breast feed their child.

The researchers do urge women to continue breastfeeding as there are other health benefits. The researchers probably used data on Einstein and self-made billionaires and found they were not breast-fed – so decided to back track on past data suggesting link with intelligence. Joking aside, I take these studies with a pinch of salt because there is always another study several  years down the line disproving the findings of another.

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