5 Reasons Not To Buy iPhone 4G

Well you should have all seen my former article giving you the run down of the very much hyped iPhone 4 (second post down).

Now I aim to give you the reverse side of the coin. Five reasons not to buy it. These reasons are all based on the attached article. Alas I don’t  have an iPhone so cannot venture my experience.

  1. Expensive – You pay a lot less for the top of range Blackberry or Android phone. You are effectively just paying for Apples name. A little like designer clothes.
  2. Anti-Technology – No longer considered cutting edge. Whilst other manufacturers announce their handsets usable in wi-fi hotspots. Apple say no because of economics.
  3. No Flash – You can’t see most of the web because the handset does not have Flash Graphics. The latest version of the Google Android will offer this and will be free on a lot of budget tariffs.
  4. No Multi-tasking – You have to click into an app to check whether you have a message when instant messaging. Defeats the object.
  5. Poorly Designed – Poor reception and not very comfortable to use for long periods. Described as a computer with a phone bolted on.

See the Article below to see another five reasons not to buy the iPhone 4 and also some comments from  iPhone users.

Article:  http://bit.ly/cJbZjA

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