Would You Sleep With A Stranger For £1 Million?

Apparently a third of  Britons would sleep with  a stranger for £1 million, according to the  Durex British Sex Survey. Now isn’t that a surprise, her voice heavy with sarcasm. Well it is the credit crunch. Seriously are we really that surprised!

H’m a cool million,  she closes her eyes and ponders. Her eyes snap open – Now where was I.

I know what you’re thinking. Ooo your nothing but a shameless hussy.   Be that as it may,  I do have my standards.  Nothing too strenuous, but the stranger would have to be pretty cute – well at least half decent, for me to even consider indulging.

What brought a smile to my lips was the survey also concluded that five per cent would participate for World Cup Tickets.  Since am not a football supporter, you can count me out of that percentage. 

But a cool million, there she goes again.

See the article below for more fascinating statistics concerning sex.


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