Uh Oh iPhone 4G

Ooo am so glad I wasn’t one of those individuals that rushed out to buy the iPhone 4G.  I won’t deny how much I have longed for an iPhone of any description but I value reliability more. Besides I haven’t got that kind of money.

The complaints have been of such a level there was talk of recall, but it would have cost Apple a fair packet, and Apple wasn’t having thatno sirree.

There have been numerous reception faults, Apple claimed this would be solved by a software update than later admitted it wouldn’t,  suggesting users hold the phone a particular way or invest in a £25 plastic bumper that fits over the antennae.

What is scandalous about this whole affair, is the design team were warned by a senior engineer there would be reception problems, dropped calls etc. Apple chose to disregard  http://bit.ly/9diq5c

Another thing am particular about, is customer service,  and I have to say, based on the articles I have read, Apple seem too quick  to blame the customer.

The new iPhone has been that problematic that it is on the News as I type, and Apple Boss Steve Jobs is about to address the issues in a conference later on today.  Apple are said to be great at talking to the consumers but poor at listening to them.

Even Whoopi Goldberg decided to “murder” her  iPhone 4  after it’s reception problems during a phone interview. http://digg.com/d31WzFi

So am pleased to say my craving for an iPhone has gone up in smoke. I may try a Blackberry sometime in the future or stick with the ultra reliable Nokia.

Well, in the words of Doris Day Que Sera Sera . . .

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5 Reasons Not To Buy iPhone 4G

Well you should have all seen my former article giving you the run down of the very much hyped iPhone 4 (second post down).

Now I aim to give you the reverse side of the coin. Five reasons not to buy it. These reasons are all based on the attached article. Alas I don’t  have an iPhone so cannot venture my experience.

  1. Expensive – You pay a lot less for the top of range Blackberry or Android phone. You are effectively just paying for Apples name. A little like designer clothes.
  2. Anti-Technology – No longer considered cutting edge. Whilst other manufacturers announce their handsets usable in wi-fi hotspots. Apple say no because of economics.
  3. No Flash – You can’t see most of the web because the handset does not have Flash Graphics. The latest version of the Google Android will offer this and will be free on a lot of budget tariffs.
  4. No Multi-tasking – You have to click into an app to check whether you have a message when instant messaging. Defeats the object.
  5. Poorly Designed – Poor reception and not very comfortable to use for long periods. Described as a computer with a phone bolted on.

See the Article below to see another five reasons not to buy the iPhone 4 and also some comments from  iPhone users.

Article:  http://bit.ly/cJbZjA

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iPhone 4 – The Low Down

New iPhone versions have been  popping out like smarties,  which is one of the reasons why I didn’t run out and buy the flag ship iPhone.  It would have only ended in tears,  as I watched it quickly morph into the poor relative, of the new all singing and dancing subsequent models.

Another reason is I simply can’t afford it.

Well, here is the low down  of the much hyped iPhone 4;

  • A new industrial look and feel – may not be to everybody’s taste but intended to be a more functional practical design.
  • Slimmer. Features a glass shell made from the same super-strong  material used for helicopter windscreens, making it tough and scratch-resistant.
  • Four times the resolution. Icons, text and pictures are therefore pin-sharp with crisp defined edges, colours  are brighter with more depth.
  • Five-megapixel camera with LED flash, capable of taking some great shots in lowlight conditions.
  • High-definition 720p video at 30 frames per second.

iMovie for  iPhone makes it incredibly easy to edit clips using the iPhone and create a pleasing, professional video ready for sharing.

Tempted yet ladies and gentleman. I am, but alas, I am financially in the same position as I was when  version one was revealed.

Perhaps by iPhone 10, I will have sufficient funds,  she sigh’s.

Article: http://bit.ly/dBYmtq

Check out the short video.

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Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No its the iPad

As you may very well know, there is a new craze in town . . . Apple’s Ipad. A day doesn’t go by without a Tech article given you the run down, how it’s going to change the world blah, blah, blah. Anyway I thought if you can’t beat them join them. So since I know next to nothing about this new gadget, I  decided to find out what I can.

What is the iPad?

Described on the Apple website as;

“A magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price”

“The iPad allows users to browse the Web, use e-mail, play music and game”

The IPad has 9.7″ LED  multi-touch screen,  weighs only 1.5ibs and said by some to be a huge iPod touch, by others as a hybrid between the iPhone and a full laptop . . . Ooh a little healthy competition for the netbooks. That being said It will probably cost a pretty penny.

The Apple Apps will be available in abundance, scaled to fit the larger screen. I don’t have an Iphone but the Apple Apps are incredible. I’m especially impressed with the Apps,  that have helped victims of Iphone theft to locate it’s whereabouts.

For more information see the Article and the very effective video below.

The iPad is now on sale in the US, I have heard murmurings that it will be available to the UK at month end.

Article http://bit.ly/dn5MbC

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Iphone App – Ideal for Adulterers

Apple never one to miss an opportunity; now have an app ideal for adulterers – TigerText app. Messages can be permanently deleted from the sender’s phone, recipients phone and the server.

A bit late for Vernon Kay and Ashley Cole – I bet they are p*ssed. http://bit.ly/9kL1e4

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Win a £10,000 HiFi

The Daily Telegraph are giving a lucky reader a £10,00o Hifi – Do you feel lucky?  http://bit.ly/cUYG4I

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