Cheryl Cole Satire

This is one funny video. Lyrics are to a tee.

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Tick, Tock . . .

Don’t count the days, make the days count . . .

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Beware Justin . . .

This tot giving Justin Bieber a run for his money. The rap part is so funny. Wonder who he will grow up to be. Cah-Yoot …

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Funny Ebay Wetsuit Listing

A much more interesting ebay listing than the ones we usually see.


119 bids so far

Click Here for Ebay Listing

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Happy Christmas . . .

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Mona Lisa – The Alternative

Mona Lisa, a little more expressive than usual

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Quote – Spilt Milk

“Why would you cry over spilt milk? Now vodka, that’s a different matter!”

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Fancy a Nudist Cruise?

We have had the nudist camps, and now we have the nudist cruise for all you naturists. A London based tour company is searching for 22 volunteers to travel in their birthday suit for seven nights across the Croatia coastlines, August 2011.

Now I would volunteer, but the poor holidaymakers will have enough to contend with sea-sickness. Throwing my naked body in the mix might be enough to tip them overboard, and we wouldn’t want that would we.


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Baby Shake That Tush . . .

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Selective Bee-atch . . .

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