Another Film Remake.

The 70's Sweeney duo John Thaw and Dennis Waterman

Yes ladies and gentleman there is going to be a film remake of  the British seventies TV Series The Sweeney. I bet it was before the time of some of you readers.  I can vaguely remember it, as I was about ten years old.

What I do remember is Detective Inspector Regan (played by the late great actor John Thaw) was one mean son of a gun and  rightly so too. None of this abiding by red tape from my man when you have flouted the laws of the land. You knew about it when you had the no – nonsense a*rse kicking Regan on your case.

Normally, I yawn, when I hear  of  remakes, since more often than not, the actors, actresses  cast in these iconic roles are pale comparisons to the originals.

Jude Law in Alfie was no match for Michael Caines depiction, and most recently Russell Brand as Dudley Moores, Arthur. What was that all about? I have not watched the latter but am canny enough to know it wouldn’t work.

Ray Winstone is set to play Regan , and I have to say, I think it is genius casting.

I couldn’t think of anyone better to play the role. He looks the part and we all know the Sexy Beast actor is more than capable of  carrying it off.  Ray had misgivings about playing the role, but after reading the script he was impressed. Well it’s a thumbs up for me.

Incidently, he did have a small role in the Sweeney as a teen.

See this little clip of him chatting about the forthcoming remake ( just click on the relevant icon to fill your screen)

In the meantime, I shall leave you with the 1970’s Sweeney opening theme. The music score is so iconic,  you think only of the Sweeney when you hear it.

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