Naughty, Naughty Ryan

Ryan cutting a dashing figure

Well, Well, Well, the naughty married international footballer who allegedly  had an affair with Imogen Thomas , is the one and only Manchester United play Ryan Giggs. No-one in the UK was permitted to say his name because he had effected a Super Injunction, but it was the worst kept secret.

Now when I heard that a Super Injunction had been effected, I thought, game over we will never know. But as Ryan found out the hard way this wasn’t the case.

The injunction could only be enforced in the UK, so the international newspapers  had a field day, and were citing his name like there was no tomorrow.  Moreover, Twitter jumped on the bandwagon, rife with jokes like;

Imogen Thomas is starting a singing career, she will be doing giggs in Manchester.

We have all seen Imogen in the papers, on TV  with a face like a smacked ar*e because of the gagging order. Well you can sigh with relief now Imogen and remove that gag, thanks to Liberal Democrat John Hemming who cited Parliamentary privilege for citing Ryan’s name.

Am not here to cast any stones, am just happy to have a story to pop in my Naughty, Naughty category. What I will say is this, those Super Injunctions are a bloody waste of money 🙂

Wonder what attracted him to  Imogen . . .  🙂

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