Adult Children – Urgh

Suri Cruise sporting a pair of heels.

I may be old fashioned but I hate all this treating children like adults, letting them rule the roost and dictate. Let children be children.

I know it’s each to their own and it would be a boring old world if we were all the same, but I really cringe at childrenĀ  (and am talking five year olds) sporting lipstick and high heels. If it is playtime at home, then fine but out in the town centre, shudders.

Am one of those women who hate the child beauty pageants where children are caked in make-up. To me they look like demonic dolls. I don’t mind the pageants perse, but children caked in makeup! No! No! No! in my books.

Red lippy!

Even those that don’t look like demonic dolls, I don’t see the appeal of making them look about twenty years older – vile in my humble opinion.


Anyway enough of my moaning. Have you all enjoyed the Royal Wedding or have you been bored to F*?

Have a good week-end y’all.

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