Sick Prank

See the video link below, for the sick prank one husband played on his wife.

I don’t know about grounds for divorce, I would say grounds for the husband to be sectioned under the US equivalent of the UK’s Mental Health Act.

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  1. That video was appalling. Jackass writ large. But it was a set up to get a bit of instant fame, wasn’t it? Who was holding the camera for instance? I’m not entirely convinced she didn’t know what was going on. If I’d had the flour thrown in my face, I’d have made sure my eyes were properly cleared so I could get at that slag who’s supposed to be my spouse. Even the best pranks pulled with the consent of all involved can go wrong. He could’ve killed her. What a tool.

  2. He probably left out the fact he was going to dislodge the banister . the sick b*

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