Quote – Vodka and Prozac

“Vodka and Prozac are the answer. I have no idea what the hell the question was”

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    • Who said it works for me? The picture is a humorous one not intended to be taken seriously.

  2. ok so i found ur blog by typing in the exact words; vodka and prozac. My question is how does it work for you? Let me tell U my experience if U wanna listen; I’ve been on 20mg of prozac for 9 days right and I had this sudden urge to buy a fifth of Vodka (I usually drink on weekends during summer) but I did my ‘research’ first about combining the two, which i too much shots since ive been on this drug, enough to get the paramedics called, who told me to pass out. i just wanna know, why does it work for u? please telll me ur secret!?!?!?!!??!!?

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