Uh Oh iPhone 4G

Ooo am so glad I wasn’t one of those individuals that rushed out to buy the iPhone 4G.  I won’t deny how much I have longed for an iPhone of any description but I value reliability more. Besides I haven’t got that kind of money.

The complaints have been of such a level there was talk of recall, but it would have cost Apple a fair packet, and Apple wasn’t having thatno sirree.

There have been numerous reception faults, Apple claimed this would be solved by a software update than later admitted it wouldn’t,  suggesting users hold the phone a particular way or invest in a £25 plastic bumper that fits over the antennae.

What is scandalous about this whole affair, is the design team were warned by a senior engineer there would be reception problems, dropped calls etc. Apple chose to disregard  http://bit.ly/9diq5c

Another thing am particular about, is customer service,  and I have to say, based on the articles I have read, Apple seem too quick  to blame the customer.

The new iPhone has been that problematic that it is on the News as I type, and Apple Boss Steve Jobs is about to address the issues in a conference later on today.  Apple are said to be great at talking to the consumers but poor at listening to them.

Even Whoopi Goldberg decided to “murder” her  iPhone 4  after it’s reception problems during a phone interview. http://digg.com/d31WzFi

So am pleased to say my craving for an iPhone has gone up in smoke. I may try a Blackberry sometime in the future or stick with the ultra reliable Nokia.

Well, in the words of Doris Day Que Sera Sera . . .

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  1. My brother has a mantra: don’t buy the first version of anything. Wait for them to fix the bugs, then get the next one. I would normally follow his advice, but this is the FOURTH version. Blows that theory right out of the water…

  2. Yeah, that’s my mantra too. But with respect to Apple, because they are more concerned about economics and don’t appear to listen to the consumers or senior engineers, I have decided not to buy any of their items unless they are dirt cheap.

    I have read quite a lot of Articles on Apple now and they seem to be extremely poor in respect of customer service imao Lol.

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