Blind Ambition

I won't be long, just having a mid-morning snack

Well I’ve heard it all now ! My ambition in life is . . .  wait for it . . .  just a little longer now  . . .  ok here it comes

To Be The Fattest Woman In The World.

I kid you not,  the greatest ambition of  American Donna Simpson  42yrs, and 43st  is to be “The World’s Fattest Woman.”   We can see from the above Macdonalds buffet ,  she is well on her way.  I couldn’t resist giving the image a caption. I know . . .  naughty.

Remember my former article on Gluttony, no doubt she will be indulging in such culinary delights to secure the title.

Seriously, what is the world coming to?  What kind of example are we  setting our children?  We are living in a society where we are at our most unhealthy, children shying away from PE and parents writing the notes for them.

When I was a child many, many moons  ago, a child’s ambition included being a hairdresser, policeman or a footballer when they grew up.

It will only be a matter of time when our children will be flouting their A-Levels and taking trips to the USA, not as a year out, but as serious contenders for “The Fattest Teenager In The World.”

Here’s food for thought (excuse the pun) It took 30 medics to deliver her child.


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  1. And I thought the ambition for fame in the absence of talent and actual hard work was bad enough.

    G’waan, girl, go and eat to your heart’s content (or should that be your stomach?). You will indeed be the fattest woman in the world. You’ll also be very dead.

    I just watched that news clip. It’s even worse than I thought. Is she really prepared to leave her child an orphan to be famous? And there are people online paying for her and encouraging her to pursue her goal?! I’m genuinely appalled.

  2. It’s absolutely scandalous . . .

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