Aero Advert

Ooo  it’s  the sexy Jason Lewis   (Sex & The City)  tempting us to buy Aero’s, with his considerable persuasive skills.   Go Jason, Go Jason.

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  1. That man should be made illegal!

    I originally saw this ad a couple of years ago with the two women speaking at the end. They were much funnier than the man on this version, which is boring and censorious, quite frankly. The punchline kicks in when one of the women says she now understands the reasons for the bubbles in Aero. The second one replies: “Has he been talking?”

    • They are both a couple of years old, but seriously, do you think we are interested in hearing the punchline Lol. The advert sells by the fact it is Jason Lewis looking hot, hotter than in the other advert, drying off his hair etc.

      I doubt anyone is even listening to any background noise, and if my memory serves me right, his advert sign off dialogue is much sexier than the other advert, hence why this was deemed Jason’s “Hot” new Aero advert.

      Now if I was posting a video for a funny punchline than admittedly, I would go for the other, but alas that wasn’t my intention, I was going for the one, featuring the sexiest profile of Jason, and this wins hands down. Yes Sir, the sisterhood shouts Lol.

  2. I’m a holistic kind of pie – what can I say?…

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