Britain’s Popular Lies

Well, I’m sure we have all done a  Pinocchio sometime in our lives. If you deny this,  you are a liar.

Apparently Britons on average tell  four lies a day or 1500 a year,  the most popular being . . .  wait for it . . .  drum roll puh-lease

“I had no signal”

I have listed ten others, in no particular order, and  have to admit I do recognise a few I have used, and no doubt been subject to many of those in the top fifty.

1.      I had no signal

2.     I’ll give you a ring

3.     I’m on my way

4.     The traffic was bad

5.     Our server was down

6.     My alarm didn’t go off

7.     You’re looking well

8 .    The train was delayed

9.    I’ll phone you back in a minute

10.  Were just good friends

View the top 50 lies here :

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  1. I think they’ve missed a few but I’m much too gentlemanly to post them on here!

    • Hello my friend and welcome to my blog. I take it your lies are not in the top 50 then (article I attached). Naughty, Naughty Lol .

  2. I pay compliments often. Does that make me a liar?

  3. Only if they are insincere Lol

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