Hate Dieting And Want To Rebel?

Bacon, fried eggs and bacon in a donut bap Photo: Courant Photo by Stephen Dunn

A collection of the world’s fattiest recipes have been collated  and posted on a website for hard-core fast-foodies – dubbed as “fast food porn”  The recipes include chocolate-covered bacon maple doughnut bar and a pint mug fashioned out of greasy fried bacon and filled with beer. Ugh my stomach is churning.

Not to mention a 15lb Porkgasm – pork belly stuffed with bacon, sausage and minced pork, swathed in more rashers, and the whole lot formed into the shape of a pig. There goes my stomach again.

Its US inventor, who made the meal for a dinner party, said: “My guests were all total gluttons”  No kiddin Sherlock .

“Most of us ended up with nightmares and stomach aches” he went on.

Well that’s porn for you. I looked at the site http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/ and to be honest the images turned my stomach. I do love my food, but the foods featured on the site are gluttonous to the nth degree.

“The site showcases a selection of deep fried sickly meals with enough calories to sustain the average person for a week”. 

I wonder if any of the people who indulge are those very individuals who scratch their head in puzzlement as to why they are so overweight  “… as I only eat one meal a day” Er and that meal is . . .

Article http://bit.ly/cugCbc

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  1. And you thought my Ikea veggie hot dog was bad…

    I have this site as one of my favourites, though I haven’t yet put it on the blogroll. The food is just plain wrong. There’s one food disaster on that site, if you want to try and find it, called the meat ship. I think it would finish you off.

    • I’m not going to even dare look at it. My featured photo was enough to send me reeling Lol

  2. oh — MY —– GOOOOD

    I WANT THAT !!!!!!!! AAGH, I want it I want it I want it.

    I got drool.

    Ever since I moved to stupid ‘healthy’ Sweden, food just hasn’t been the same. They have things over here they CALL donuts, but, blagh. There also is no such thing here…..AS BISCUITS <:'c (cry) If you go to McDonalds, they use english muffins instead.
    There's no pulled pork BBQ.
    there's no Tasty Creme, no dunkin' – nooo NUTHIN! Even the apple pie here is like some kind of weird, not so sweet, 'crumble' not even really a pie.
    OMG, I almost forgot – THERE'S NO FUCKING BROWNIES HERE! Can you even believe that. MY husband doesn't even like sweets, but, I said man, I'm making some brownies, so I did, and even he could not believe it. Obviously the best desert he'd ever had (cause he's never eaten anything outside the Swedish realm.

    GOD somebody teach me how to make donuts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ah poor you. You must really crave them. Do a search on google for some unhealthy things you can make in Sweden.

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