Millionaire Gives Away Fortune Due To Misery

He Looks Perfectly Happy Here

Austrian millionaire Karl Rabeder is giving away his millions because he believes they were the source of his unhappiness.

“My idea is to have nothing left. Absolutely nothing,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“Money is counterproductive – it prevents happiness to come.”

“It was the biggest shock in my life, when I realised how horrible, soulless and without feeling the five star lifestyle is,”

More power to him. I think more millionaires should do the same.

Anyone got his number?

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  1. Why doesn’t he keep his money and enjoy a better class of misery?

    • Ha! Ha! Ha!

      • Better still, he could give all his money to me – so I could enjoy a better class of misery…

        His options for brightening up the world are endless!

  2. Hey back of the queue. I asked for his number first

  3. I suppose you would feel the soul sucked out of you after living the five star lifestyle after a while. Fair play to him for giving away his millions. Now if he’d like to put a small amount of it this way, I’d help him relieve some of that misery.

  4. You know, I just realised that last sentence doesn’t look good, does it?

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