Breastfeeding Claims Quashed

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A research funded by the Food Standards Agency (FSA)  found that breastfeeding does not make a child more intelligent as once claimed. They found that breast-fed children tended to be smarter, but this was only because their mothers were.  Apparently, intelligent women were more likely to breast feed.  Eh! What a load of . . . There are countries were mothers have had very little or no access to education and their first port of call would be to breast feed their child.

The researchers do urge women to continue breastfeeding as there are other health benefits. The researchers probably used data on Einstein and self-made billionaires and found they were not breast-fed – so decided to back track on past data suggesting link with intelligence. Joking aside, I take these studies with a pinch of salt because there is always another study several  years down the line disproving the findings of another.

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  1. Study after study after study after study after study after study after study after study after study after study…

    Ignore them all. They change with the wind, especially when it concerns health. I haven’t yet dropped down dead, so I assume I’m doing OK.

  2. Perhaps it is because breast-feeding mothers are more likely to be middle class?

    • Hi there and welcome to my blog.
      I believe there are a lot of middle class women who are in a hurry to return to work maybe high flyer’s and want nannies to take care of the feeds. So they opt for the bottle for convenience or breastfeed for a short period. If you go to Third World countries you will find the majority of women breastfeeding. This does not necessarily mean they are intelligent. I am not convinced with that study. There is arguments for both sides of the coin. For every intelligent woman breastfeeding one could find another woman breastfeeding who is not.

  3. Actually, women of high education and intelligence are much less likely to have children AT ALL in western nations. About 1/3 of professional women remain eusocial, for instance (having no children). Even when they do have children, they have far fewer, and allocate more resources to them. It is a medical fact that breast-feeding confers certain peripheral advantages on children, such as greater resistance to infection. Maybe this is the effect the researchers are finding: high IQ middle class mothers invest greater resources in fewer offspring, and happen to breast-feed a skewed population of high IQ children in any given western nation. Thus, breast-fed children are more intelligent, but that has nothing to do directly with being breast-fed and everything to do with being a skewed and unrepresentative proportion of babies at an a priori level.

    *If you go to Third World countries you will find the majority of women breastfeeding.*

    True, but this is not a cross-national study. Other factors would then come into play, like national IQs (which differ significantly even between western nations) and culturally-specific customs.

    • Yeah I see your point. I am still sticking with mine though. Many professional women are not foregoing having children they are just merely having them later. With regard to medical research it is often disproved some ten or twenty years later. Anyway I don’t want to get too deep into this as my posts are just light-hearted.

      Liked your comment on the millionaire – funny

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